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Who is Code Eighty?

Posted by Hunter Spruce on

Hello there,

I am Hunter Spruce and I am the owner of Code Eighty. I am going to tell you a little about our history in the beauty industry and how Code Eighty came to fruition.

Code Eighty began when my father, Bob Spruce, and I, Hunter Spruce, decided that it was time for the beauty industry to have a distributorship that was focused on the Artist. We had a vision; to service the amazing artist with first class customer service, cutting edge tools, and products that will stay in the salons hands instead of the big name stores. We believe that YOU should keep the money instead of the big name stores.

Let me back track for a bit.

My father and his uncle, Tom Gensler, started a franchise of Armstrong McCall (Professional beauty supply in the south) 35 years ago when they just sold a few brushes and some perms. They too had a vision to help their clients achieve great success in and out of the salon. They started with one line and through customer service and friendship they grew to what is now one of the largest Professional beauty supply in the south. About 8 years ago they felt a change in the waters was about to happen and my Uncle decided that it was time to live the retirement life and sold his 2 stores. My father stayed with the same company until we started this journey.

I, Hunter, started calling on salons the minute I came into this world. I grew up in salons and spent every summer growing up going to work with my father. Crazy to think that I would spend my free time working, but it never felt like work. After I graduated high school I went to Lubbock Texas where I started my journey with Armstrong McCall. I started as a delivery driver and did that for 10 months until my boss came to me and said "There is a sales job available and I think you should apply." The next day I became a salesman for Armstrong McCall, a job I never thought I would do I might add. 

That very first day I remember calling my dad and saying "I now know why you have done this my whole life.". It was natural it felt right, I was suppose to be in this industry, it was in my blood. I worked in Lubbock for 5 years and l loved every second of it. I had the best bosses that allowed me to grow as an adult (I was 20 when I started) and as a salesman. I made great friends with my co-workers and my customer (I prefer to call them friends) in eastern New Mexico, Lubbock, and surrounding towns.

Then came a time that a job came open at my fathers store and it was a dream come true. I called my boss and told him I wanted to apply and he told me I would be a fool if I didn't apply. John Maxwell was always very supportive and helpful when I needed it. I respect him as a employer and as a person.

Fast forward to when I started my new life in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I started my new life with great customers, but things were changing. The change wasn't one I wanted to stand behind. More and more of the lines I represented started being sold in the big name retailers as well as the grocery stores. I knew it was not fair to the artists that spend their time in school learning and their time educating their customers on products, only to have them order it online or the same store they buy food at. This is when we knew things had to change. My father and I started to dream about a distributorship that was centered on customer service and keeping the money in the salons. We searched for months trying different product lines that fits both us and our clients.  

Finally we found the line we were looking for, Erayba. Fresh face in the U.S beauty industry. Erayba is very well known in Spain and growing in the world. Erayba opened exports 10 years ago which included the U.S territory. Erayba is committed to keeping their products to stay sold in salons only. They are constantly keeping an eye out for diversion. They bring you high quality hair color, Gamma, with amazing products to compliment the color. Erayba is always researching and developing new technology to stay a top tier product developer.

Since, we have expanded our catalog to include I.C.O.N, Valera, Babyliss, Croc, Hot Tools, Wahl, ColorTrac, Framar, more and always looking for the best new ideas for our clients.

Lastly, I want to thank YOU for giving us a chance to show you how you can make more money, receive better service, have a distributor that cares about you, and develop a long lasting partnership. I appreciate YOU for even stopping by this page and reading my really long sentence. If I have never met you, I look forward to meeting you. To my customers that have been with me for years, you deserve some credit for helping me grow into a man. You allowed me to grow, change, and walked down this journey with me. I appreciate yall more than words can describe.

I appreciate you,

Hunter Spruce